About Us

The Crisos Belief 

We believe that everyone should experience life in a body that is operating to its full mental and physical capabilities and we believe that nutrition is a fundamental key to achieving this. We created Crisos to help fuel people from all walks of life to excel in their given field and help change the world for the better. We know that many people aren't fortunate enough to have the resources of quality nutrition so we created the 'Global Crisos Initiative' where every single bottle of Crisos sold provides a hydration pack to a child in developing countries. 

Who is Crisos?

We are a team of athletes, adventurers and weekend warriors who share a common goal to bring more people outdoors to explore the world, improve the world and live an extraordinary life. 

As a business

We launched CRISOS™ late in 2014 from Canberra Australia. Originally our brand name and only product was called The Hangover SOS - a vitamin shot formulated to help aussies avoid symptoms of a hangover and live every day to their fullest. SOS grew fast in popularity and before we knew it, we were supplying over 130 stores across Eastern Australia. 
From the very early days, our customers started using The Hangover SOS for hydration before sport, for travel sickness, immune boosting or even to kickstart a big day in the office. We knew our formula would be great for all these purposes but were surprised our customers caught on so early! 
We had planned to expand our product ranging to expand beyond THSOS but these reviews were too consistent to ignore so we acted quick and made a MASSIVE pivot within our company. It was time for the world to know that our formulas are so much more than a hangover aid. We changed our name to CRISOS™, we enhanced our formula (tripling the dose of key minerals) and introduced a new flavour, CRISOS™ Raspberry (Active B)  


Most small businesses fail within their first year. We not only survived this milestone but have rapidly grown. We have immense gratitude to our customers, fans and the world and we want to give back. We've partnered with a global charity tackling the worldwide crisis in health and nutrition for children in developing countries. Every single bottle we sell, provides a hydration pack for a child battling chronic illness and dehydration from drinking contaminated water. As every bottle is aiding a crisis, we named our brand CRISOS™.