Submit Your Video - Crisos Adventure Crew


We have only one planet and it is a beautiful one, let's keep it that way. 

Submit a video of your next adventure below for a chance to be featured across the Crisos channels. 

Submit a video of yourself cleaning up rubbish and waste at an adventure location in Australia and we'll send you a 6-pack of Crisos shots for FREE. Terms and Conditions below: 

You can share your videos to YouTube (preferable) or our Facebook wall (make sure your privacy settings are public), simply provide us the link in the form below and tell us a little about yourself and your video. 

What we're looking for:

- Videos that showcase the beauty of Australia/the world
- You and your friends having fun and enjoying said beauty
- Brownie points if we see a Crisos product featured
You do not have to be a professional at producing film or have professional equipment to have a good chance of being featured. 

What we're NOT looking for:

- Videos that risk harm or damage to yourself, others, people's property or to nature. 
- Videos that contain illegal activity or socially unacceptable activity 
Please read our terms and disclaimer that are at the bottom of this page as by completing the form below you accept to them. 

Clean up Australia and earn a free 6-pack of Crisos Shots to hydrate and fuel your next adventure, simple. 

- Video must include someone stating the location, the date and that you are cleaning up for the "Crisos Adventure Crew" initiative. 
- Video must show a significant amount of waste collected and disposed, adequacy is determined at the Crisos team's discretion (one full garbage bag would be suffice, obviously the more the better!).
- Videos must be of Australian locations and free shots shipped only to Australian addresses. 
- Group cleanups limited to two 6-packs contributed per group, per day. 
- Proof of date in film (date on phone, newspaper etc). 

It's as simple as that, you get to feel good improving our environment and you'll be rewarded with the worlds strongest hydration shots shipped to your door for FREE. 



Crisos will not accept any videos containing illegal or socially unacceptable activities or behaviour - including camera misuse. Crisos accepts no liability of injury, illness, death, prosecution, property damage or any other consequence to any persons filming with intention to submit to the Crisos pages. Persons filming with intent to submit to Crisos accept all liabilities that may result from doing so, including but not limited to: injury, illness, death, prosecution or property damage. By submitting a video to any Crisos page you permit Crisos to share and edit this content across their various channels at the sole discretion of Crisos.